necessary ram for an idevice?

Just wondered if there is an optimal amount of ram needed on an iDevice to run the apps and connections needed to work with the ToneWoodAmp effectively?  I'm opting for a iPod Touch, 1) I already have a decent android mobile and don't need another, 2) I'd prefer my iDevice to be purely dedicated to midi use, 3) the price of Apple's mobiles and iPads are prohibitive.

So, having never run MIDI on a mobile device I'd appreciate a little advice as to how much ram is necessary.  I don't want to go overkill (plus can't afford to buy a device hulking with ram), but want enough that is both efficient and affordable.

Thanks in advance

You  may have luck on an iPod Touch 6th gen, as MIDI Guitar 2 requires iOS 12 and prior iPod Touches will not run iOS 12.

We've had the best luck on devices with 2 gigs of RAM and up.  iPod Touch 6th gen has 1 gig of RAM, I believe.

You may have the best luck for your purposes with iPad Mini 2.

Thanks for that Nicholas.  Hadn't actually considered one of the mini devices.  

Hmmm  £299 refurbished from Apple.  Only ones they have at the moment are 128GB models

It looks like the 16 gig versions go for $110 less, at least here in the states. Hopefully they get some in soon!

Finally bit the bullet and bought a refurbished Apple iPd mini 4 from Argos in the UK.  nearly £100 cheaper than from Apple.  Also has a 12 month warranty.  

Many thanks Nicholas for your help.  Now all I've got to do is get to grips with MIDI.  I tried donkeys years ago, but my ancient brain has lost touch with my younger days lol.

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