iRig Stompbox

I can see this being useful, it would enable one to switch between the basic ToneWoodAmp effects and any iDevice output effects.


Update on my experiment with the iRig Stomp pedal.  I have it working, routing the SampleTank/Midi Guitar 2 output via the iRig into the ToneWoodAmp.  I linked the iPad and iRig with a TRRS cable into the socket with the iPad/iPhone icon.  Then routed the output from the acoustic guitar into the input of the iRig.  Then take the output from the L channel socket, marked with an Amp icon into the normal input of the ToneWoodAmp.  So the TWA effects re overlaid with the sounds from the iPad.  The iRig has a variable input control so you can tailor the input into the TWA, so as not to overload it.  Works a treat and lets me switch the iPad effects/sounds in/out as I wish.

Well I’ve been working at getting my ToneWoodAmp working with Midi apps on my iPad mini 4, and routed via the iRig Stomp pedal - finally got it all working, the pedal in line lets me switch the midi input in/out. Chuffed to bits.

That's so fantastic! We'd love to see a video of the iRig Stomp and TWA in action!

I'll see what I can sort Nicholas.

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