Tonewoodamp + Fishman Rare Earth Blend Knob at 50/50 (Feedback Loop?)

Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing the Tonewoodamp for my acoustic guitar, which is equipped with a fishman rare earth blend humbucker.

I play a lot of percussive fingerstyle and I am a bit concerned that the internal condenser mic could possibly create a feedback loop since I use the blend knob at 50/50 most of the time to make the percussive sounds audible.

What are your experiences with it? If it is highly likely that I will need to blend out most ot the mic's signal to avoid creating a feedback loop, then unfortunately the Tonewoodamp isn't going to be my choice since I enjoy the sound of the 50/50 blend and I've also spent around 280€ for the pickup+installation.

Another short question:
The fishman rare earth blend pickup works with two 1.5 volt silver oxide batteries (instead of a 9v battery like f.e. most electric guitars with active pickups), which is way I've always had to crank up any amps master volume to hear my guitar signal. Will I have the same issue with the Tonewoodamp? Will it process the effects loud enough?

Thanks a lot and best greetings from Germany.

Hi MJ! A 50/50 blend may be prone to feedback, but if you experiment a bit with placement before you install the X-Brace and utilize TWA's notch filters, you may be able to get away with that hot of a blend. It will require a bit more effort in getting dialed in feedback free with a blend that hot.

Of course, you can dial back the blend, but the percussive tones wouldn't be as audible through TWA.

I do know some of our artists do utilize TWA with mic systems for precisely that reason and are able to use TWA without feedback.

Any of our users using a blend system have more input?

TWA is equipped with a Master Gain setting as well as volume and gain settings on each individual effect. You'll dial in the Master Gain as hot as need be, and then you'll have headroom to experiment with the gain and volume per effect.

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