Crack in the back binding.

I've just noticed I have a crack in my binding just below where the tone wood sits. Looks like where the binding meets right in the centre purfling strip. I am mega anal about humidity so pretty sure it's not that as it's kept in a humidity controlled room. Also nothing else up with guitar to say it'd be humidity, so all frets are ok, action is still good and no difference to sound and no other cracks at all. I think it might be the pull of the magnets? Or would that likely crack the back wood and not the binding. Pretty sure I would have noticed it if it had came like that. Getting a little worried as I'm getting a classical guitar built and was hoping to install a tonewood in it but as the new one will be hand build it'll be a lot more fragile than the Alhambra that has the crack in it and that is a factory guitar. Anyone else seen anything like this?

Hm, that doesn't look like something that would've been caused by TWA or the magnets. Was there a seam at the binding there initially? And if so, could it be spreading a bit? Is the crack below the finish or is the finish cracking?

I'm not sure if the seam was there before or not 路‍♂️ think the finish is cracked. I can feel the line if I run my nail over it. Really can't see it being humidity as I've been monitoring it and when I did drop to 35 I put it back in my room with my humidifier. Could it just be the build of the guitar? Binding is splitting maybe?

Do you have a nitro finish on your guitar? If so, it could be nitro finish sinking into the binding seam. That's what my assumption would be!

Yeah nitro or whatever gets put on it in the factory. Not French polish anyway. It definitely where the binding meets as you can see from the difference in grain. Never saw this happen to any of my other guitars before. I'll keep an eye on it 

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