No sound

I haven't used my TW amp in a few months (it always worked fine) I plugged it in today but it is not working. Power is on.

Hey Greg, the first thing to check is the preamp battery in your guitar. Make sure your guitar is passing signal. Trying another cable between the guitar and TWA is worth a shot as well.

If your guitar's output and the cable are good, check the DI Menu on TWA. You'll simultaneously (and briefly) click the parameters and amplitude knobs. Use the parameters knob to make sure it's set to 'TWA and DI' and click to confirm. 

If you continue to have trouble, please send us an email at

Hi Nicholas, Unfortunately none of that worked. I also plugged it into another guitar to see if if it would work on that and it didn't. Anything else I can try?

Just reached out via email.

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