Using Tonewood Amp to play backing tracks?

Greetings!  I understand that I can feed an audio signal into the Tonewood Amp and hear it thru the guitar along with the effects.  So... can I use a standard 1/8 TRS cable to insert audio thru the idevice port - or do I need your adapter?  I'd also like to know what to expect regarding volume and fidelity of the backing track?  Will the resulting backing track audio be plenty loud [and will back off volume from iPod as need be - thinking of headroom] with decent bass and highs and good overall fidelity?  Thanks!  DT

Hello! You can use a standard 1/8" aux cable to run between your iPod and the insert jack of TWA for backing tracks 

You'll control the volume from your iPod and it should run about similar volume as TWA's effects. Because the body of your guitar will act as the speaker cone, it won't sound exactly the same as it would through speakers, but it sounds great for backing track purposes.

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