LR bags M1 wicked feedback !!

So I have had the twa for over 2-3 years... I’ve always had the fishman neo and that has worked great, I bought a new acoustic and a LR Baggs M1 non powered pick up. When I play it the feedback is tremendous within the first note! I could play the fishman on full with no feedback but I think the M1 is a different animal... I have to turn the twa down to 15 instead of 22 so I only get 1/2 volume at normal playability level! What’s the scoop dr? Anyone else use both? I love my hall setting with reverb and don’t want to change it so please don’t suggest I loose my should.. Thanks - Jamie The M1 is unpowered.. like the fishman ..

Hey, Jamie! The Neo-D is a fairly low output pickup and requires boosting the Master Gain on TWA almost all the way up.

You'll want to drop the Master Gain level to a point that suits the hotter output from the M1. Here's a video on setting Mater Gain.

Beautiful .. thx I’ll chx it out

Hi Jamie,

I use my TWA with 2 different guitars and pickup systems. A Seagull Artist Studio with an LR-Baggs Anthem and a Taylor GS-Mini with an LR-Baggs M1A (active version).

Both work extremely well but need different settings. The TWA lets you save settings for more than 1 Guitar Pickup system. When you find out what works best for a particular Guitar/pickup just save it and recall it whenever you use that particular system. A magnetic system should be fairly easy to control. Basically it's just a case of trial and error. I'm sure you'll come to terms with it. 

Nicolas has given you a link to the Master Gain Video. That should help. I would also advise you to check out the other informative videos available regarding the TWA.

Have fun trying out the possibilities.


Thank you for the tips, Tony!

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