my TWA stuck in DI level screen even with no output connected

I have suddenly run into a strange problem with my TWA. since yday, i am not able to adjust the gain/volume of any of my effects. when i turn knob 3, it only shows the di level/blend menus. i know this is supposed to happen when i connect a cable to the output jack of the twa, so u can adjust your DI sound through an amplifier/PA system. but i have not connected any cable to output jack of the twa ! yet its stuck here inspite of restarting the unit many times. i also tried plugging & unplugging cables from both the input/ output jack. no luck ?is this a software issue or it possible the switch inside the output jack is permanently "on" due to some bending of the metal contact ? 

if its some minor electronics repair, i have a great tech who can do it if i just get an instruction sheet. 

Please do run a firmware/effects update to revert your TWA to factory settings to see if it resolves the issue.

If you continue to have trouble, please email us at

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