Overdrive Effect

I just bought my TWA from a guy that needed to sell his. It already had the Chorus update to the firmware done. I wish there was a way to keep both the overdrive and the Chorus as I like both effects there are some songs I play that I need to switch between the two. I have to say that this is by far the coolest effect I’ve ever used. Next to my Fulltone Deja vibe for my electric.

So glad you're digging it, Ron! You can revert back to overdrive from chorus using the update utility found at files.tonewoodamp.com.

The latest version of firmware doesn't allow for any customization of which effects you load onto your TWA, but future versions will. Stay tuned!

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 50 years. So you can imagine how many effects Ive tried. I used to run my acoustic thru an amp with effects but that doesn’t even come close to this thing.

Wonderful! Should you feel so inclined, we love to see user videos on social media.

I posted this on FB and YouTube a week ago last week.

Did ya mean to post a link? I don't see anything on my end.

If you go to YouTube and search Sunday Blues Tonewood Amp, you’ll find my video. It’s a song I wrote about 43 years ago.

Here ya go! Sounding funky! I dig it, Ron!  Thank you so much for sharing.

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