How to set the shelf filter frequency for the reverb effects HI Cut parameter

 In the manual, it says "Hi cut – shelf filter that cuts above the selected frequency", All I see is a number that appears to be the amount that's cut. How do you select that frequency? Or is the self's hi cut amount set and the number that appears to represent an amount, actually represent the hi cut frequency/?

Hello! I'll double check the wording on that to make sure it's accurate.

With the latest firmware, Notch Hi and Lo have been replaced with Notch 1 and 2. Each is full spectrum rather than just covering a certain range.

You use the amplitude knob to control which frequency you're pinpointed at. The filter will cut the specific frequency but it'll affect those immediately around it a bit as well. It doesn't function to cut all frequencies above the selected.

Use the effects knob to control the cut level, or how hard the TWA will filter the specific frequency.

You can use a free tuner app like Fine Tuner for iOS or gStrings for Android to pinpoint the specific frequencies where you're experiencing feedback.

Specifically I'm referring to Appedix A Default Effectx, page 23 where it says

Plate Reverb (Gain 9, Volume 20)
• Decay – reverb time (23)
• Pre-delay – time before the reverb gets triggered (0)
• Hi cut – shelf filter that cuts above the selected frequency (10)

Is this somehow connected to a notch filter's selection? Maybe Notch Filter 2?

Ah, okay, this is not related to the notch filters.

You can use the hi pass filter to dial in a warmer sounding reverb. Turning up the high pass filter will cut more high frequencies. A lower value will allow more high frequencies through.

It does mention "selected" frequencies. It appears there are no specific frequencies to select. Is that true? If it is what is the frequency that the HI cut filter starts at?

The section you mentioned is providing instructions on using the hi cut filter, one of the parameters on the different reverb effects. This has a different function than the notch filters.
If your TWA is running version 2.69, notch lo and hi have been replaced with notch 1 and 2. Both are full spectrum, rather than only covering certain frequencies.

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