A GS Mini mounting solution that's strong and clean?

 The attached file contains the method I used to install a TWA on a Taylor GS Mini.  It's strong and leaves no marks on the back.  Bonus:  It's mounted in a 'normal' position.

This is a great tip on a GS Mini or other smaller, arched back guitar. Much appreciated, Russell!

Russell, You're a life saver!   I'm staring at my custom Taylor GS Mini and thinking I wasted my money on the Pick-up and extra mounting crossbar  - Your description and visual aid are awesome!  I just ordered my 120 pack of Magnets on Amazon, same size, type ( like I need 120 magnets)  Thanks very much for helping us GS Mini brothers & sisters on this.  

Thank You!  Glad you found it useful.

Works like a charm on my Taylor mini. Thank you Russel!

You're welcome.

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