Ibanez 3" thick acoustic - Will TWA provide any volume increase?

I have an Ibanez AEG10E guitar which we use mostly for practice on the couch. 

It's ok, but If I'm fingerpicking and my wife is playing her Gibson J-45 I might as well not be there.   The Ibanez has very little projection acoustically. 

It's not the thinnest Ibanez - it's about 3" thick. 

So, I read that the TWA might provide 3-8dB boost in sound, depending on a lot of things. 

Is this likely to boost overall volume enough to compare with a dreadnought sized acoustic? 

The way the TWA adds volume and fills up space around you while you play should absolutely help boost you to competing levels with her J-45! 

Give it a shot! We do offer a 60 day money back guarantee, just in case!

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