Chorus Update - Available to all ToneWoodAmp Users!

Chorus is now available to all ToneWoodAmp users as an optional replacement for Overdrive.

It's available via USB update at

The update requires that your TWA run firmware version 2.69 or newer. ToneWoodAmp units running prior versions can be updated using the same update utility linked above.

Changes to firmware found in v2.69 can be found here:

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From what I have read, it sounds like replacing an effect other than the overdrive with the chorus might be possible in the future. (i.e. replace the autowah with the chorus.) 

That raises a couple questions. 

Is this a planned future upgrade?

If so, will users be able to go back and reinstall the overdrive and replace a chosen effect with the chorus or even pick and choose an effects line-up of their liking?

(BTW...the Tonewood Amp is an impressive invention! Thank you so much!)

We do plan on expanding user end choices of what effect goes where on your TWA. The option to choose a personalized line-up is likely!

Nothing just yet, but we are working on it.

Awesome! This is one cool piece of gear and it looks like your future upgrade plans will just keep making it better. I still can't get over the concept and how well it works. I will be showing it to all my guitarist friends! I guarantee that showing it to friends will sell at least one more TWAmp!

Thank you so much for your support, Dennis!

Can't upgrade to the new software update. Get a power surge message, the desktop and my laptop don't have enough power. This such bull I have never had so much trouble with a software upgrade before. 

Sorry to hear that, David. And apologies for the late reply, the holidays are a hectic time around here.

Shoot us an email at and we'll help you get sorted.

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