My tonewood amp came of by itself

Hello, I’ve had my tonewood amp for over a year and today the amp came off by itself. I feel Like the magnets are not as strong as they use to. Do I need to replace them? Do they need to be cleaned out? Please advice. Thank you.

Hey, Luis. The magnets should be good, the likeliest scenario is that the suction pads on the bottom of TWA are dirty and don't provide as much grip as they did.

If they're still in good shape and don't have curled edges, you can go ahead and use a damp cloth to wipe them down in one direction. This will help to bring back the grip.

Otherwise, we do offer extras here:

I figured after I sent this message. Yes thank you. I will try to clean them out first if not I will get a new set. Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Hello again. I finally bought new suction pads for my tonewood amp since the original ones were not sticking to the guitar. When I installed the new ones, I noticed that the suction pads didn’t have enough grip to stick to the guitar. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem since I read on a review that the replacement suction pads are not strong enough. Are there any other options? I haven’t been using my tonewood because of this problem. Please advice. Thank you.

Hey, Luis. I'm so sorry that you're still having some trouble. Please shoot me an email at with some photos of the replacements and I'd be happy to assist.

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