First of all as a newcomer I would like to salute you all from the TWA team for inventing such a miraculous thing as this amp. It is amazing, really. It is a life changer for all of us who adore playing guitars! I've recommended your creation to all my friends and the result was all the same every time - eyes and mouths wide open! So thank you very much - you are doing great job out there!

But let’s get to the point...

I have two questions and would be very glad and thankful if you answer them.

1) I installed the X brace not in the very center of the guitar so my TWA is positioned above the virtual line that splits the back of the guitar (see the picture). Still, everything goes well according to my ear and taste and I don’t experience any problems with that. But anyway, is it a problem and does the TWA must necessarily be right in the center of the back of the guitar?

2) I have Martin DRS 1 and it is equipped with Fishman Sonitone, GT1 or GT2 /I can’t find out which one is/. I have tried to find out what is the level of the output signal but unfortunately without any success. All I know is that my preamp “provides a USB 2.0 compliant, iOS compatible 16 bit, 44.1kHz/48kHz digital audio output for direct connection to a computer.” On the other side I have read somewhere in FAQ that the default level of the master gain is 50%. So my question is what is the correct percentage of the master gain for my guitar?

Tonewoodly yours!


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Hello! Welcome to the TWA family! Thanks so much for your feedback!

Install on your guitar looks great. TWA does not have to be installed on the centerline. It looks like you've found a position that will work well!

Hm, so Master Gain setting will be dependent on your volume knob setting, on how hard you play, and the output from your pickup.
It's hard to give a specific number. I've got a Fishman undersaddle pickup on my guitar and I set my Master Gain to 45%.

I'd recommend pushing the gain percent to where you experience feedback and then slowly back off until right before it starts. Check out the video on it here:

Thank you very much for your quick and helpful response. I will try what you suggested. Thanks again!

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