Breedlove Guitar

I have a Breedlove Oregon concert that has a LR Baggs EAS VTC pickup system in it already. Will the tonewood amp work on this guitar?? 

Here's a copy of the last post I sent: TWA will absolutely work with your Breedlove and the LR Baggs system  built into it. You may have to work around the bridge truss to install  the X-Brace, but it will work.

Thank You. I'll get one then.

You're welcome!

I have a Breedlove Studio D25/SM with a LR Baggs Stage Pro Element and the ToneWood amp works great.  The back of my guitar is not flat but has a slight bow and does not seem to effect the amps performance.

As Nickolas stated you will need to work around the bridge truss for proper installation so be sure to test fit the x-brace and amp unit a few times to determine the ideal location before the install. 

Once you know the proper location take your time, clean the area inside where the adhesive pads will attach by using strips of blue tape to remove dust and debris.

Be sure you practice and prepare for the blind, one handed routing of the x-brace to its final position.

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