Clean the guitar first.

Just installed on a pristine 1995 Gibson J-30 Montana. Its perfect, I really like it. Bought the big bundle. I appreciate that I didn't have to drill any holes that would depreciate the guitar.

I saw in your instructions more than once that the guitar should be cleaned before installing the X-brace but only after trying to install the brace and ruining a set of sticky pads. May I suggest that you provide the guidance to make sure the guitar is cleaned up front before starting any installation.  I cleaned out my guitar with a vacuum and a wet paper towel and let it dry out. Worked fine after that. Thanks

We do try to let folks know that it's helpful to clean the surface the X-Brace will sit on, but we can put it out there a bit more. Thank you, Bob. We appreciate the tip!

Hi All!

I installed mine twice yesterday because I didn't see the "give it a good cleaning"  detail. It makes so much sense when I type it out. I appreciate that you included a second set of double sided sticky circles.

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