Hi, I have a Taylor GS Mini. Do I need a separate pick-up? I see no video on "how to." Thank you.

Yes you need a pickup. We offer a pickup bundle and you can see the install video for that here.

Thanks David, new customer coming up!

Well and iPhone 5 work as an I device? I asked because it is an older model.

Hi Jayms, unfortunately, it will not work. MIDI Guitar 2 requires a device that'll run iOS 13, an older iPhone 5 will not. 6 and up will.

What about iPad mini?

As long as it'll run iOS 13, it'll work.

I use an Ipad Mini II running iOS 12.4.5 with 32 GB. It works great. I think the Ipad Mini is a better choice than the Iphone because of the bigger screen, (without being as big as the regular Ipad). You can shop around on the net and find a refurbished one for a pretty reasonable price, just make sure it has good enough specs for running the apps.

Thanks. I just need to be sure it will run sample tank and guitar midi.

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