Thinnest Rechargeable Batt?

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I've had my TWA for a couple years now and continue to feel thrilled with it. One question I have though is what are the thinnest rechargeable  batts you've found? I've bought Eneloop 1900, EBL 2800, PowerOwl 2800 and Amazon 2400.  They are all just a little too fat to slide back out of the TWA. I've had to loosen the screws of the TWA and also use a small screwdriver to 'catch' the side of the deepest battery and coax it out. After not enjoying the feeling of 'is this going to be the time I won't be able to get that battery out at all?' I've switched back to non-rechargeable Duracell Procell batts that slide in and out 'like butta'. They only look a fraction thinner but I guess that's enough.

What rechargeable Batts are you all using? 

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I just picked up the Tenavolts on Amazon. They are incredible. Super lightweight and as thin as a standard alkaline, they charge fully by USB in 2 hours and last me 10+ hours, surpassing the Eneloop which was my go-to for years. 

Give them a go, you won't be disappointed . 

Thanks for the reply David. I was holding off on trying the Tenavolts due to their price but may just go that route. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the assistance you always provide!

A little trick I used - unscrew a couple of screw on the bottom of the amp - just a very small amount and the rechargeable will fit perfectly.

Another Option is a Lithium Ion Polymer  AA Battery by PaleBlue Earth. Also available on Amazon.   During a 3 hr session a few days ago starting voltage was 4.5 and ending voltage was 4.4 Power capacity or 1560 definitely handles playing intensity and mitigates clipping.

Thanks for the tip, Scott! We'll check those out, too!

Thanks for the idea!  I bought EBL 2800 and they get stuck (even with screws loosened). I bought several other moderately priced brands - same result.  I guess the pale blues would be a bit thinner since they are only 1560.  I guess only the extra pricey rechargeables will fit my particular unit. Still, the TWA is one of my most highly prized pieces of guitar gear!

Wow! That's amazing that a 1560mAh  batt will only go from 4.5 to 4.4 after 3 hrs of playing.

Guess I'll have to give them a try. Thanks again for taking the time to post.


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