Favorite/Preferred or "Perfect" settings

Hi All, I am newer to the TWA (not even 1 month yet) but am, as you must all be, truly amazed and in love with it, and my acoustic guitar again! I know that all guitars sounds are highly individual and therefor many settings that would work spectacularly well for one guitar might not even be pleasant on another. I get that, but, but I have a favor to ask. Would you consider a thread for those of us who are seeking a detailed listing of a "voicing" on your guitar and your TWA that REALLY works for you and sharing it with the rest of us?? Many could be benefited. I may have something that works that a fine-tuning you have created on your TWA would improve my own enjoyment in playing my own. Variations are good! PLEASE? LOLOL

We might consider a format like this if you like it. More details are better I think. I'll give the first one a try as an example/format:  (Could copy/paste and re-fill data if you like this idea)

My Guitar:           Dean Electric/Acoustic w/steel strings. No mods changes from standard. Stand alone. No pedals/amps/pre-amps.

EQ settings:        Flat

Volume setting:   30%+-

TWA settings:   (for example purposes)

Effect:                  Delay

Speed:                11

Feedback:           11

Reverb:                 9

Volume:               20

Gain:                     9

What do you think?  You willing share a tone that make you smile knowing you've given a smile to another??  Thanks in advance!  Blessings.   

OK I will start this thread with the first one. One I am enjoying currently is:

TWA settings:  

Effect:                 Plate

predly:                   0

hi cut:                  10

decay  :               19

gain:                      9

volume:                 20


What do you think?  You willing share a tone setting that makes you smile knowing you've given a smile to another??  Thanks in advance!  Blessings. 

Thanks for the post. I see a few videos on youtube. mostly product demo stuff. but they only say they are using the delay or reverb. they don't show the setting numbers I did find a chorus demo that shows the settings on the screen. a few more like this would be helpful. I love the device. it is so much fun. I have been playing for a long time with only moderate improvement over the years. my acoustic sounds so much better with this thing it is motivating me to practice more. I just think I'd like a few favorite settings for certain songs or progressions  

I received this reply from John that was intended to be posted here. I'm pasting his message below:

Daniel I love this new toy as well! Mind sharing what the settings are that you saw/found for Chorus that you enjoy? I just reset all my settings back to factory and added the Chorus feature. I found I like the factory settings just fine mostly. My guitar needed a fine-tuning on volume/gain - (down) as was slightly too hot and clipped a lot until either brought my instrument volume down or left my guitar on 50% volume setting and alternatively brought these two settings down slightly until clipping stopped. Great improvement on the sound right??  Later!

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