[Gear] [Question] Furch Little Jane and ToneWoodAmp ? A pickup dilemma !


Hi everybody,

I’ve been practicing on my brand new Furch Little Jane for about 6 month now, I don’t need to explain to you how amazing it is. That’s why I think it’s time for me to take it on the street :)

The thing is I also discovered ToneWoodAmp recently and I want to experiment and perform with it. I think it can give a real spectrum of possibility for such a simple setup.

Anyway, my problem is I can’t seem to find a magnetic pickup (that goes into the hole) that fits inside the LJ. The hole is just too small (only 88mm) :/

And I’m worried that the ToneWoodAmp would larsen if I use any piezo-like pickup because it makes the whole body vibrate…

The thing is I don’t have any experience with pickups or even trying to amplify my acoustic guitar. I want to buy quality products and I want them to work with the gear I already have. So if any of you have a solution or a similar setup, please help me make a choice.

Thank you :D

So sorry for the delayed reply! It's been a hectic holiday and NAMM season, so I'm just getting to forum posts.

TWA will work with just about any pickup system save for mic only systems. It does work great with piezo type pickups. 

If you're into percussive style playing, a contact style piezo will be the way to go as it'll pick up body taps. 

Undersaddle pickups work great, contact pickups work great. 

Anybody else have any suggestions?

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