Non-Traditional Soundhole

VERY exciting product! Congratulations on the massive response. My favorite "go-to" acoustic was made by Boulder Creek (never heard of them, but just couldn't put this thing down in the store!), & it has a tiny hole on the front, just above the strings. The larger soundhole is cut into the top of the side, facing the player (much like some of the Breedloves). Can you please provide me with the dimensions of the fixed x-brace to make sure it will work for this instrument? Or, will there possibly be a center-pivot-hinged version of the x-brace in the near future? (Intellectual property release granted! Lol) Thanks, Terry

Hey, Terry! So sorry for the late reply. We're just on the other side of the busy season so I'm getting caught up!

The X-Brace measures 3x3x1.25". We don't currently have any plans for a hinged version of the brace, unfortunately. Good luck!

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