Trick to make rechargable batteries slide in

I bought Panasonic ENELOOP 2450. I recently bought a Demo Tonewood amp unit. Indeed batteries are snug. The batteries are not perfectly round. I loosened the 5 screws that hold the units back plate ½ to ¾ turn. Screws are still solidly in place. This has created a little more space in the battery cavity. The cover has not been compromised as it does not seal from dirt or moisture anyway. To prevent the screws from ever backing out (which doubt anyway) just put a small piece of that blue tape over screws head. Put 1st battery in and rotate till least resistance (their not round) and "drop" it in. It works well for me.

Thanks, Keith!

I simply ripped out the batteries plastic it get skinier when its in nude form LOL. Now it is ok to get in and out the tonewood amp


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