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;I wanted to order the tonewood amp, but I'm a bit wary of the fact that I could not find a "single" telephone number or edmail address for the company that is selling this.  Seeking advise from "forum" individuals is not the same as speaking to a 'company' person.  I was ready to order and discovered that there is no information about how to select the pickup for my nylon string guitar.  The literature indicates there are two distinct pickups and that you must select which you wish to receive.  I did not have that option presented to me.  I then started looking for 'contact' information - and there is none - nothing about the company, where it's from, customer service contacts, etc. etc.

Hi Rudy, you can reach us by email at If you'd like for us to give you a call, leave your number and we'd be happy to reach out.

We also have a chat function we're available at from 8-4PM MST that's available at

There's a dropdown menu at the following page that allows you to select between a steel or nylon string pickup.

Please reach out and we'd be happy to assist!

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