When I try and adjust the parameters;  it does not matter which way i turn the knob the value only increases up to 25.  Then it basically stays there...  It flickers when I turn the knob however will not move from 25.  I have to turn the PWR off and re-start to reset the default parameter.  Occasionally it will allow me to turn it down where I like it but I have to go up to 25 before it starts going back down (Again doesn't matter which way I turn the knob).  This is pretty frustrating.  I have watched the tutorials, read the manual, Changed the batteries... and now I am appealing to you.  I have only had it for about a month.  Is my unit defective? 

I'm sorry to hear that! I'd suggest first running a USB firmware/effects update that's found at

Run both portions, starting with firmware.

If it does not resolve the issue, please send me an email at

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