IS there any way to sing through it?

I have one coming (hopefully in the mail) and am excited to get inspired.

But my vision has been to figure out a way to sing through the guitar as well to get an enhancement akin to the effect of Tonewoodamp on the guitar.

The idea I have basically for now is some kind of mini strap on speaker with a headset mic and of course some effects.

Any one have an brilliant ideas to meet this fantasy?

Surely tonewoodamp would have thought about this idea.

How cool would that be to have an input for voice and a separate effects rack!!!

We did already discuss this via messages, but for other folks who are curious, I'm pasting my reply to this question:

There's not a way to directly plug a mic in at the same time as your guitar, but there is a workaround we've found that works.

You can plug a mic into a smartphone/tablet via an iRig or other interface.

You can run the vocals through Garage Band or another DAW or vocal processing app and send a signal from the iRig's output to the ToneWoodAmp's insert jack. This would allow you to hear vocals through TWA while you play guitar as well.

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