A handy Tool to installthe X- Brace.

I’d like to pass this little helpful tip on to you.

I’ve had my tone wood amp for a little over a year and have been very happy with it.

I did experience a little difficulty installing the x- Brace inside the guitar.

It’s a little tight as you are probably aware.


In the end I came up with a simple too that worked like a dream,  a small piece of wood with a slot cut in it and a wooden dowel. It was easy to make !

It holds the X-brace so you can hold onto the dowel and position it exactly where you want it.

I was able to get the brace positioned, then I removed the tool and used my had to press firmly into place.

I hope you find this technique helpful.


Kindest Regards



Fantastic tip! This looks great. Thanks so much for sharing. 

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