Tonewood Amp Issues with Sound / Feedback / Usability

So I just got my tonewood amp and I am installing it on a Taylor Cocobolo Summer Strummer from 2003.  This is a 714LTD style (they say Grand Auditorium) size guitar.  Pic is attached below

So from the back you can see that the guitar bottom is naturally a little convex, which doesn't allow the tonewood amp to sit flush - or at least it's hard to get the circular 'pickup' on the amp to set flush.  It feels raised.  Also, in order to get it to sit low towards the bottom, I have to get the X Brace underneath the quarter-inch barrel in input for the pickup and there just enough height, so I can't get the X Brace low enough.  When the tonewood amp is a bit higher, the convex bow causes the circular pickup contact of the tonewood amp to not sit flush - even with the magnet pulling it down.  So long story short, I got it on there, quite low, and I have 2/4 magnets holding tight, while the other 2 are a bit weaker.  I think this is fine for now.  

And now to my second point, and the major issue.  The tonewood amp effect is quite weak.  If I raise the master gain, it starts to feedback and overdrive.  I can scarcely hear the delay, and definitely not the trem or leslie.  The hall and plate sound pretty good, but there is a weird resonance I hear from the actual tonewood amp, like a screetching feedback when I hit certain notes (like the 12th fret on the b string.  I am already nothing -20 on the high and low notch.  I figured it was the placement of the amp, but to no avail.  I have been trying for multiple days and hours to get it to work how I imagine it should in my head, and how the videos online portray the sound to be.  It is frustrating to say the least.  

Any help or suggestions?  Has anyone mounted their's sideways?  


Sorry for the delayed reply! Because of the location of the jack on your Taylor, you may have the best luck offsetting the TWA from the centerline to allow it to sit flat. That's certainly an acceptable solution and we've seen folks do the same on their Taylor guitars as well.

Once you get the TWA seated flat, you should get a better connection between the TWA's transducer cone and the back of the guitar. You should be able to achieve more pronounced effects once the TWA is as flat as possible. 

If you'd like a couple extra set of adhesive pads for the X-Brace and relocating TWA, please send us an email at with your address.

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