Custom TWA with increased volume boost?

Hi guys, I've been checking your product and seems really interesting. I'm from Brazil where we usually form a circle to play samba with several instruments, usually all unplugged. As it can get quite hard to compete with other louder instruments like tambourine and mandolin while playing the acoustic nylon, I'm looking for some kind of built-in or portable amp solution that can offer some subtle yet noticeable amplification. My question for you guys is: is it possible to do any special adjustment to the TWA to get an even stronger amplification? I read it naturally amplifies around 10db, but is it possible to go beyond that? Or maybe to have a custom version that favours volume over effects? I'd love to get one of yours engineers input on this, if not much trouble. Thanks guys.

Thanks for reaching out! TWA will add between 3-9dB to your playing, depending on your playing style.

The trouble when pushing the volume further is feedback. We don't have any plans for a volume-oriented TWA, but we'd be happy to let you know if we do. 

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