Model engineered for ukuleles

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We get a lot of requests about that.  There's nothing in the works as of right now, but if anything changes we'll make an announcement.

I was able to get it in my guitarlele that only has a 2.5" soundhole.  It takes some trial and error but is possible.

Nice, I bet is sounds fantastic.  Do you have any pictures or videos?  We always love seeing what people are able to do with the ToneWoodAmp.

Sorry, I know I suck. Only started playing for the past few months when the pandemic started. Anyhow, as requested, here are examples of the sounds coming out a guitarlele (nylon strings) and a piccolo guitar (steele strings). Btw, I know you probably can't tell but the song I am trying to play is The Night We Met by Lord Huron

It sounds really good!  Thanks for sharing.

I tried putting one in my 6-string uke (guitalele).  Really didn't work well for me...I think the body and sound hole of the uke is simply too small to provide enough projection for the effects.

As long as you can get the brace in the sound hole it should work fine.  Do you have any videos?

I have the X-Brace installed in my Yamaha GT-1 Guitalele - not via the sound-hole though - I modded my GT-1 with an electro-acoustic pickup from an older guitar, and used the opening I made in the side of the guitalele to slide the X-Brace in

What would be a good ide,and something that shouldn't take too much to implement, would be an adjustable X-brace - one that collapses into a |___| shape - so you could winkle it into any stringed instrument with a non-standard soundhole, and then get it into place with long tweezers

Just my tuppence



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