Tonewood on a metal resonator?

Hi all I have had my TW Amp for almost 2 years now, X-braces in 4 of my acoustics, and I love it! Great for solo kanoodling, and adds some good extra punch when I’m playing acoustic with other folks. I recently picked up a Brass body Tri-cone resonator, and while I’ve found an answer regarding installation by removing cones to install X-brace in a wood body Res, I have found any answers whether the TW will actually provide enough vibration to a metal body to make it work? Since it would involve installing some sort of pickup, at about $100 investment, and knowing I won’t be plugging in the Res much otherwise, I was hoping to find that someone has tried it already? I think it would be a really cool addition to the Resonator tones, if it works! Thanks

Yes the TWA will work with the resonator once you remove the cones and install the brace.  The TWA responds very well on wood body resonators,  because metal body resonators are generally thinner than wood body, it may enhance tonal transfer.

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