TWA buzzing on Guitar?


Setting up my TWA and i'm getting a lot of buzzing, this is the TWA reverberating against the back of the guitar and is not usual feedback. 

The master gain is low, 10, and the pick up is just under 50% volume. 

My guitar is a DX1AE Martin, with Fishman Sonitone pickup + preamp system. 

Should I remove the second plastic layer on the suction pad to get a better fit to the back of the guitar? 

The first thing to check is the preamp battery,  when the batteries get low, preamps can produce some buzzing.  If the battery is alright it may be an issue with placement.  The transducer may be sitting directly under a brace.  This may result in feedback or distortion, it may be worth exploring various locations for placement to find a spot that sounds as good as possible.   If the problem persists email us at

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