Fishman Neo-D Passive Humbucker not enough gain

So I got the amp and the above pickup, as I wanted to try it on my old no-name acoustic before fitting it to my fancier Fender electroacoustic. First problem, the pickup actually touched the strings; I had to slice off the upper cork spacers to get it 2mm of headroom; not really enough but just about playable, if I don’t go all hardcore. Then I had major pain hearing anything; with master gain and volume both at max, I can just about hear the TWA’s effects, but it’s nothing like the videos. So I grabbed my electro acoustic, plugged it into the TWA (still fitted to the other guitar), and WOW; had to crank the master gain down to 1/4 but then it was great. Though carrying around two guitars isn’t really an option. ;-) So I’ve ordered another X Brace for the Fender, but would like to get it working on my old acoustic too. Can I get a little pre-amp to fit inline on/in the guitar, or do I need to get a better (louder, lower) pickup? I don’t know if the Fishman has a fault; can’t send it back having butchered the cork bits. Anyone else had level problems like this?

You may be able to boost the volume from the Neo-D pickup by increasing the individual volume and gain of each effect, this may increase feedback.   It is possible to wire the Neo-D to an active preamp but it may be easier to source a higher output pickup.  The Fishman Rare Earth Active pickup is a good option, otherwise L.R. Baggs active pickups like the M1 and the M80 will work well.

Ah, hadn’t realised the individual effects had their own gains; that’s def a bit better (though nowhere near the volume from my Fender (which has a preamp)). Will go window shopping I think... thanks for the tip!!!

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