two usb micro ports

 I know the one under the output jack is for updating, but what about the other one?

Can i use this to power the device from a bigger battery?

As of right now the other USB port doesn't do anything.  It's going to be for future concepts and updates to the device.

Well, isn't that cheeky. 

I just ordered a USB C proto cable. I was going to open it up and install the power connections so that I can plug a large battery offline while sitting.

when I open it, i may just use that one. Get a 90 degree USB Micro cable and clamp it to the box. Still allow batteries to be used. 

I dont understand why you dont have a USB Micro for power on it anyways as an option. 

Can you tell me what the maximum current draw is for the amp?

I reached out to Bruce, our engineer, and was told that the average current draw is less than one amp, but peaks can be a bit higher. 

thanks, i ordered a USBC connector as it can source more current. I will take some pictures when i do it. It is acutally a short cord with a female usb c connector on it. i didnt want to mount a connector on it so it could get snapped off.

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