TWA and MIDI Apps

Recently I was pleased to finally get the TWA and SampleTank working together properly with the MIDI Guitar app, but when I sang along with it into a mic and monitor I realized that my voice was being picked up by the TWA and triggering the MIDI as a result. My voice was going into the sound hole and giving me unwanted triggers in SampleTank. I played around with various MIDI sensitivity settings in Midi Guitar and various settings in TWA, but nothing could stop my voice from triggering ST. Any suggestions? Otherwise it works great.

Double check to make sure that you've got the cables oriented correctly. Make sure the signal chain goes as follows: iDevice>lightning adapter> SHORT iDevice adapter>long TRS cable>ToneWoodAmp.

If the short portion of our iDevice cable isn't plugged in on the iPhone or iPad end, the mic in the device won't be disabled and will pick up ambient sounds.

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