Unwanted Notes "popping" out from Sampletank

I love using my TWA with Midi Guitar 2 and sampletank on my iphone, but sometimes spontaneous notes just come popping out. This happens sometimes even with the guitar turned all the way down. Sometimes it stops by itself and sometimes I have to switch to a different voice or turn my phone down. It seems like almost any kind of sound will trigger a "sympathetic" response from Sampletank, like cars driving by or music playing on TV. 

Anybody else have this issue and know how to stop it?

Double check to make sure that you've got the cables oriented correctly. Make sure the signal chain goes as follows: iDevice>lightning adapter> SHORT iDevice adapter>long TRS cable>ToneWoodAmp.

If the short portion of our iDevice cable isn't plugged in on the iPhone or iPad end, the mic in the device won't be disabled and will pick up ambient sounds.

I have this same problem on my new iPad Air 2. I have the cables connected properly but it simply doesn’t work right and ONLY uses the iPad microphone. Kinda disappointed I bought this useless iDevice adapter...

Shoot us an email at support@tonewoodamp.com and we'd be happy to help figure out what's causing the internal mic to fail to shut down. 

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