A much slower Leslie rate when set to 0

I've been using the Leslie patch quite a bit, and am always turning the rate right down - I'd just love to be able to get it to run at a much slower rate, almost turning it into a phaser, would love it if I could get it to run slower than what we currently have at 0



Thank you for the request! I'll pass it along

Cheers Nicholas

I'd also love a phaser, and if it doesn't upset Bruce too much ; ) the ability to pick and choose which existing patch to over-write  :D



Here's my upvote for a phaser, and a slower-slow-leslie setting. And a usable overdrive with a fuzz being ideal. A tuner would be welcome. Power via USB ; grand! How about it TA? Your early adopters have the utmost confidence in you to pull off some more magic mojo.

Thanks for the suggestions, Eddie! I'm hoping we get a fuzz in there as well. I think it would apply fantastically to acoustic bass!

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