Rubber band moves

So I'm currently using the Tonewoodamp for about 3 weeks now, and it's been great so far! The only concern I'm having is that yesterday I noticed that the rubber band that shoots the pulses has sort of moved towards the side of the circle (see the picture) . My question is: Is this harmful in any way? I didn't do anything weird with it and it sounds fine to me, but I can't imagine this being normal because the rubber now touches the plastic... Other than that I still love the sound the tonewoodamp provides! I'd love to hear from you guys! Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Dean. The Netherlands

Hi Dean! Sorry to hear that the cone shifted a bit! If you press it down about as far as it's held down when in place on the guitar, is the cone still making contact with the case? If it's not, it should be fine. You do have the option of simply peeling that cone off and centering it in place! Peel from one edge rather than attempting to pull the cone off all at once. It's got adhesive on the bottom of it so it'll stick back in place.

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