tonewood sound for solids?

hi there - any chance for a "tonewood" sound for solids? --- I solved the problem of the Tonewood Stereo amp - just input the other signal (from the Roland Synth)  through the mini jack input - -------but now I want the same sound on a tele without having to mess with other technology - just press a button on the lump on the back and you r there---is the only solution to get the acoustic action down really low so the upper frets become usable?

We don't have any such technology currently, unfortunately! We've seen folks use TWA via improvised external mounting methods on hollowbody electric guitars. Something like that may give you what you're after!

AOK Nicholas, thanks for coming back - I guess future versions of the TWA (stereo) could be built in to a solid (through neck with a soundboartd over for the acuator to work on) - thanks again - kevin

That's certainly an idea to consider! Thanks for your input, Kevin!

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