Taylor 210CE (PLUS)

For the person who's thinking about buying the TWA for the Taylor 210CE or Taylor 210CE PLUS, it works great! Got mine yesterday and after tweaking the notch filters (I used the YouTube tutorial) it works great! Here's also a picture of how I montaged it. Sometimes when I put it on I get a really low buzzing sound when playing. I found out that this is because of the TWA not being close enough on the back of the guitar due the curved back. Just move it a little and it works great! (I might try and remove the second liner soon to see if that works better!). At first I tried to montage the TWA vertical because it seemed like it was touching the back of the guitar way better, but I found out feedback is much less there. So I wouldn't recommend that (still worked great tho, but you might wanna buy the left handed version if you're gonna put it this way so you can actually see the screen! The overdrive doesn't work on this guitar. Well, if you keep playing it does, but as soon as you stop playing your guitar starts ringing really loud. I also still got two questions: -I noticed the Autowah doesn't work properly. When I use it, it's like my guitar is also whistling very loud next to the autowah, gives a really weird sound.. Is that normal? -Next to that the bypass filter is really annoying haha. When it's on it starts ringing VERY loud, is that normal? Especially annoying if I accidentically turn the effect knob the wrong way when I'm playing with Hall reverb.

Thanks so much for reaching out and thank you for the tips! Placement looks great and that rosewood back is lovely.

If you're having trouble with that lingering buzz, try flipping the phase switch that's located inside your guitar on the edge of the circuit board that the knobs are mounted on. 

That should help!

Both Overdrive and Autowah are our highest gain effects and can certainly be prone to feedback. There are a couple ways to deal with it on these two specific effects. First, you can click the amplitude on the right. Click to toggle between effect volume and effect gain. Reduce the gain down from 25 to about 12-15. You'll want it as high as possible without experiencing feedback. 

The other way to deal with those two effects is to reduce the volume on the guitar a bit while using them.

Regarding the bypass screaming at ya as well, there are two ways to kill that sound, too. First, you can reduce the gain and volume down to 0-5 using the amplitude knob. You can then save the setting. Otherwise, you can run an update found at http://twamp.tips/files/ to either reset the TWA to factory settings or to replace overdrive with chorus. The update will silence the bypass setting!

Thanks! I'll try updating the TWA, looking forward to trying the Chorus! Btw, I found out Overdrive and Autowah work fine when connected to an amp! There's no way to keep all effects when adding chorus? I really have to remove Overdrive?

Right now, yes.  Though we are looking into making the effects more user specific.

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