cushioned contact pad fell off

I haven't used my Tonewood in a while, but I pulled it out of the drawer, changed the batteries and stuck it on the back of the Rainsong.

It seemed a little loose, and I was having a bunch of weird sounds and rattling.

I took the unit off the back and the pad with the "for ease of removal do not remove this sticker" actually came off the unit.

I removed the backing plate and saw that one of the silver screws that holds the plate on was missing. (there were two visible on the other plate) 

The screw wasn't anywhere inside the unit, nor in the drawer it had been stored in. I was able to reattach the plate using the remaining screw and reassembled the back onto it.

It sounded better, but I'm wondering should there be a second screw?

and will it get loose again without it there?

Could you send me another screw, or tell me the specs and I'll but one locally.


So sorry to hear that, Keith! Send me an email at with your address and we can send you a replacement screw and a rail if need be!

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