Ok for large uke?

I have a guitarelle, slightly larger than a baritone uke. ( 30 in.) It has a 3.5 in sound hole, is about 9.25 in wide, 3.5 in deep, a d has about 4in below the brace for the magnets. It has a nice .mellow classical sound, but too quiet, for outside a small room . I'd like to amplifier it with out a ton of wires a d hardware. I have a 'fly' amp. But the guitar has no plugs etc. Will the twa fit? Thanks. *** There is a massive uke a d CBG community that would love the tonewood if it would fit their instruments. Thx. Cj

We've installed TWA in a baritone uke and several tenor guitars.  It may be a little tight getting the brace in, but it should work.  The TWA will increase the volume of the instrument by abut 3-6 db, but it's more designed to add the effects.

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