The way forwards

I have been playing around with the TWA for some time. It didnt perform well on the APXT2 Yamahas's 3/4 electroacoustic which is a pity as I have added a Duncan magnetic and a Roland GK3 synth pickup to this little guitar and its a gem---and i was looking for something to boost the acoustic sound - never mind.

But then one of my old mods came back to me - a Gear4Music Thinline electroacoustic with a £4 ebay hotrails (fitted about 20 years ago) and i put the TWA on it after fixing the bits that were hanging off and MAGIC ! just great for music in the park and pub sessions where the folkies frown if you bring a separate amplifier.

Hoping to improve on the TWA I fitted a HYVIBE to a new Fender jumbo but I guess Hyvibe have made a mistake with the position and type of exciters - the Hyvibe fx are quality from the output jack but over the internal exciters they have a tinny top edge (I even got a LAG guitar with the Hyvibe factory fitted to check I hadnt cocked up - no, there was the tinny top edge) - a great pity as the Hyvibe guitar is lighter than the TWA and no external cables showing - and no chance your belt buckle is going to fiddle with the TWA settings- - i now use Dely/Reverb, Bypass(just on the edge of feedback), Chorus/Reverb and Tremolos in pubs and outside and great fun but Autowha ? still working on this d no helpful suggestions at the moment - not using a looper - phaser? naah

But would it be possible to build it into a guitar? - I have heard Yamaha have a similar device a concert acoustic but its quite limited as apparently is the Lava guitar device? if you built it into a guitar there would be a chance to really get on top of the feedback and control it - anyway looking forwards to the next iteration !

Hello! So glad that you did get your TWA dialed in and sounding good on the thinline guitar!

We don't have any plans currently for building the TWA into guitars, we did want everything to be easily installed and reversible without too much trouble. 

We also do plan on further effects expansion and likely more control over what effects go where on the unit. 

We do get looper requests fairly often and it's something we're considering as well.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

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