tonewood amp install on Journey FO660 travel guitar

I recently purchased a travel guitar  ( folding)   model  FO660  carbon fibre  from Journey Guitars.

love the guitar. I wish to install my tonewood amp on this guitar. anyone familiar with intallation on this type of guitar?  the body shape (back)  is not typical, (not completely). thanks

Dom here from ToneWoodAmp, thanks for reaching out.  We haven't tried a ToneWood on that model yet, but it looks like it would work.  It may be a bit tricky to get the brace further down inside the body, maybe enlist the help of someone with small hands!

Dom, thanks for your reply.  I managed to install the tonewood amp. ( wife has small hands lol).  tonewood amp working fine.  love having it installed on my Journey F0660  carbon fiber guitar.

mike   sydney  nova scotia   canada

Wonderful, I bet it sounds great!

I have a full size carbon fiber guitar on order… but I am hoping a TWA might not only work… but could word very well.

In fact since there are no braces on the backside of the guitar… I’m hoping that in theory it might mean it has an advantage over wood. A larger resonating surface…could be advantageous.

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