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I'm certain this topic has been posted once before but the solutions I have read haven't fixed my issue. I get the Clip notification whenever I have the TWA on and plug the cable from TWA into my guitar. After that, whenever I play I get no effects. If I have everything plugged in and turn on the TWA I get zero effects. I have the the following settings selected: Master Gain @ 5 Effects Gain @ 9 Effects Volume @ 20 Guitar EQ @ Neutral/0 Guitar Volume @ Half I started thinking there may be an issue with the guitar which I'll check once the shops reopen (lockdown in Melbourne). Since getting the TWA it's been a bit hit and miss. I hope the issue is down to the guitar but any ideas on how to resolve would be great. Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam, sorry to learn that you're having some trouble with your TWA.

The first thing to check is the preamp battery in your guitar. Start with a new battery in the guitar and double check to see if your guitar is passing signal. If you have an external amplifier, please plug your guitar in directly to check.

The next step is to try a different instrument cable between TWA and the guitar. 

If nothing then, try clicking the parameters and amplitude knobs simultaneously. You'll access the DI menu on screen. If it shows anything besides 'TWA and DI', scroll using the parameters knob until it does and click to confirm.

If you continue to have trouble, shoot us an email at and we'd be happy to help!

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