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Hello, I’m using the TWA with my Takamine EF341 SC, the preamp is the CTP2 and It has a Freeman Rockstar Auxiliar Pick-up. I tried to reduce the preamp volume to flat and the pick-up volume flat, but always the TWA shows the clip alert the the sound is not good like a noise and vibration. I tried to reduce the master gain to 25% and effects volumes and gain about 10. But The message Clip is there. If I reduce more than these values I lose the quality of TWA. What could you recommend me ? I tried to search something in the manual but I couldn’t find anything. Regards.

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Are you getting any distortion or feedback when you get the clip notifications? If everything sounds good but you still see the notifications, I'd suggest leaving it as is.

If you are experiencing distortion or feedback, I'd suggest taking Master Gain down a bit further.

The CPT2 preamp can be VERY hot and is prone to feedback and clipping. I've seen other users have to drop Master Gain down to 5-10%.

It may also be worth setting the high and low EQ sliders right in the middle as well.

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