60 Hz Hum from Tonewood Amp

When I use plug my TWA into a P.A. or audio interface, I get a lot of 60 cycle hum. I can touch the plug on the guitar cord and the hum goes away. Unfortunately, I'm not skillful enough to play guitar and hold the cord and the same time :(.  I can bypass the TWA and just plug the guitar pickup straight into the PA and it is perfectly fine. I can move the PA to a different room in the house and the problem goes away. I don't experience this with any other instrument. Any thoughts on this? 

Hm, this is a strange one! Does using a different cable yield any different results? Or is it any cable when you're in that particular room? 

Shoot us an email at support@tonewoodamp.com and let us know how old your unit is. I'll reach out to Bruce, our engineer about what could be causing this issue. 

It does this with any cable. 

Please shoot us an email and we'd be happy to help figure it out. You can reach us at support@tonewoodamp.com

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