Most under-saddle piezo pickups and most magnetic sound hole pickups will work well with the ToneWoodAmp.


Microphone-only and very microphonic pickups do not work well with the ToneWoodAmp.


Pickup designs vary, because of this and the way each pickup is installed; results will vary and produce different outcomes.


Generally, we have had a very good experience with most under-saddle piezo pickups, Expression II systems (Taylor)*, K&K Pure MINI*, and with most humbucking magnetic pickups. If the guitar is equipped with a pickup system that is a hybrid of a microphone + a piezo than the user should use (blend) more of the piezo and less of the mic portion.

Any microphone-only or a very "microphonic" pickup won't work well with the ToneWoodAmp, as it will cause immediate feedback.


We highly recommend K&K Pure MINI and Expression 2 systems, as they sound great with the ToneWoodAmp (especially with reverb and delay).


High gain pickups, like the aforementioned K&K Pure MINI and Expression 2 can be very sensitive to hi-gain effects such as the AutoWah and Overdrive. To ensure the best results, we recommend you first read about Using High Gain effects with Sensitive Pickups. It may be imperative for you to change and overwrite the default Volume and Gain setting for these effects from the Effect Memory


The very popular LR Baggs Lyric is an example of a microphone-only pickup that causes a feedback loop by continually repeating the ToneWoodAmp signal.


It is essential to set and save the Master Gain (and if needed the Notch Filters) in the initial setup.


The following videos will guide you through the proper steps: 

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