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How To Adjust The Master Gain.

Setting the Master Gain for the First Time

Since all acoustic guitar pickups and preamps have different output levels, it is important to find the
right output level for your guitar and Master Gain setting on the ToneWoodAmp. The Master Gain
sets both the sensitivity of the unit and the signal level sent to all of the ToneWoodAmp’s effects.

To configure the ToneWoodAmp with your guitar for the first time:

1. Before turning on the ToneWoodAmp to test the sound it is important to reset the EQ on your
acoustic guitar to completely flat and turn the volume to its lowest setting.
If your acoustic guitar does not have an EQ or volume control skip this step.

2. Plug your guitar into the ToneWoodAmp Input jack.

3. Turn on the device by holding the blue Power button for one second.
Do not touch any of the knobs yet.

4. Slowly turn your guitar’s volume up while playing single notes.
The goal is to hear the effect at a comfortable volume with the guitar volume set half-way up. If
that is the case, you are ready to move on to the magnetic x-brace installation.
If the effect’s volume is too quiet or too loud, adjust the Master Gain, which controls the incoming
signal level to the ToneWoodAmp.

To adjust the Master Gain:

1. Combo-click the Effects and Parameters knobs simultaneously.
The Global Settings menu appears in the display.

    *Note - It is a quick click and release of the knobs. If you click and hold, you will see either Memory or Insert appear on the screen instead.

2. Turn the Effects knob clockwise until you see Gain%.

3. Click the Effects knob and turn it clockwise to set the amount of Master Gain.
Select a value in the range 10–100% that, with your guitar volume halfway up, is just enough to
hear the ToneWoodAmp’s effect comfortably.

4. Click the Effects knob again to confirm and apply the displayed value.

NOTE: You must click the effect knob to apply these settings. You will not hear a difference until you do.