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How To Use The Available Effects

Using the Effects

The ToneWoodAmp has three 3 knobs: Effects, Parameter, and Amplitude.

Effects Knob

This knob determines which effect is currently used. The ToneWoodAmp has eight effects: Reverb
(hall, room, plate), Delay, Tremolo Delay, Tremolo Leslie Style, Auto-wah, and Overdrive.
Turn the Effects knob to scroll through effects. The displayed effect is selected.

NOTE: When selecting ToneWoodAmp effects, you must turn the knob three clicks to get to the next
effect. This prevents accidental adjustment during play.

Parameters Knob

The Parameters knob adjusts the behavior of the effects, each of which has three programmable parameters.
When an effect is selected, the most important parameter in that effect is always selected first by default.

For example, the Delay effect has Speed, Feedback, and Reverb parameters. The Parameter knob will
first adjust the Speed of the delay. Turn the Parameters knob and the display shows the parameter
name and current value (0–25) as you turn the knob.
To select the other Delay parameters, click the Parameters knob to cycle to Feedback and Reverb, and
then back to Speed.

Amplitude Knob

The Amplitude knob adjusts the effect’s Volume (default) and Gain. Turn the Amplitude knob and the
display shows Volume with its current value (0–25). Click the Amplitude knob and turn it to adjust the
effect’s Gain.

NOTE: Volume and gain are both programmable within the effect preset but do not affect the Tone-
WoodAmp’s overall volume.